• Universal Medium- (Mirzoeff 6)In context of using social media as a type of interconnected source, keeping in touch with people on a universal and worldwide scale. Also a form of mass media and interconnectivity over the internet.


  • Visual text- an “impression of the people, things, places or events that we witnessed” (Clarke, Michael. “Language and Meaning.” Verbalising the Visual: Translating Art and Design into Words. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Publishing, 2007. Page 2. Print), interpreting by ourselves what is translated through an image.


  • Worldview in relation to audience- Everyone has a different view of the world, these differing opinions “sometimes, open disagreement can arise” (Clarke 5), however in relation to the audience, their worldview provide a common basis for understanding.


  • Context/contextualising- helps us to conclude the “specific work, exhibition, style or movement” (Clarke 3) give the ability to locate it in a particular time and place. “Factor understood. Contribute to a fuller understanding and appreciation” (Clarke 4)


  • Anthropocene- the current time period where human activity has been most dominant on the environment and the planet. Our species are shaping and instrumenting nature’s landscapes.


  • Geology- the main focus of issues of the Earth through scientific experiments and observations. Dealing with the history and study of the natural materials around us.


  • Colonisation– the movement and spreading of any species to a new territory/ area in which they desire to take over, where they are to build a new life and home.


  • Credible- trustworthy material, convincing argument and evidence.


  • Verifiable- confirmed evidence, material that has been proved just and accurate.


  • Ideology- is an idea of how society is supposed to function and ultimately work. Economically, politically and socially, we base our ideas on what we perceive as ‘normal’ lifestyles, our expectations and beliefs on how we look at our world.



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